The Book

In Sacred Revolution, you will learn:
  • The six principles of sensual enlightenment.
  • The thirteen virtues of love that can heal, transform and revolutionize your life.
  • How to channel your sexual energy to be a sacred fuel of empowerment and attraction.
  • Movement exercises that awaken your orgasmic potential to create heightened states of love.
  • The ultimate anti -ageing and beauty secrets every woman needs to know.
  • The 20+ different soul mate experiences you can have.
  • The consent options that empower your intimate connections and master love in relationships.
  • The heartbreak remedy that ensures your sovereignty and motivates you to up level your standards.
  • The superpowers of an evolved woman.
  • How to create sensual and enlightened union between you and your partner.
  • How to heal your past and transform your unworthiness to power.
  • The remedies for body image issues, insecurities, ’bad luck’ in relationships, female health problems, as well the missing information needed for the next level of divine femininity.