Your Body Temple Is Ready To Blossom

The sensual magic within cannot exist until you claim yourself as sacred.
That means every part of you,
Every thought,
Every emotion,
Every curve, must be acknowledge as sacred.
To be sacred means that you are precious and holy – a divine being.
It means that you are magnificent and should be honoured as such.
But many of us do not recognise this right of passage.
And we live life feeling lonely inside, or with a sense that there is something wrong.
We search for it in food, clothes, magazines, relationships and beauty products.
But never find the thing which complete us,
That’s because ‘that thing’ is your sacredness.
And there is only one person in the world that can gift it to you.
And that is you!!
You must raise yourself to a higher position and in doing so you Awaken the Goddess within.
No longer can you diminishes yourself with feelings of unworthiness.
Or hide behind shame.
No can you think that you are ugly or fat.
Or hold yourself back from your success.
You must claim yourself as sacred
And in doing so you allow the sensual magic within to exist.
This is your first step forward.
This is how you begin to blossom!

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to unlock your sacred body temple story:

1. Do you feel there is more inside that is waiting to burst out but you don’t know how to let it out?
2. Do you yearn to be vibrant and alive in your body mind and soul?
3. Do you secretly desire that everything in this world, and that includes the flowers, trees, stars and others, would connect to you in love….so that you could feel loved by everything?
4. Do you feel your inner beauty but are to tangled in self loathing to let it shine out?
5 .Can you feel your ability to create abundance in your life, but feel like you are not good enough to have it?
We BLOCK our sensual magic from existing when we forget to claim ourselves as sacred. No man, no teaching or teacher can do this….only you can.
You must claim your entire being as sacred, and as soon as you do you begin to awaken the divine feminine that exists within…….as soon as you do, your sexual energy FINALLY has the opportunity to ascend through your body to connect to the heavens all around you!
A very beautiful way you can help claim your body as sacred is to breath your sexual energy through each of your chakras. You can begin this practice now with my sacred movement video HERE.

As you do the exercise notice how you feel reunited back with your beautiful body temple. Let me know how you get on…..I know it change my relationship to my body.

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