I Had An Awakening That Changed My Life Forever

When I was 34 years old I had an awakening that changed my life forever…..
I discovered that my sensuality was a path towards enlightenment and that my body was a vehicle to embody heaven. It was THE awakening I had longed for for years….. I searched for it in relationships, I tried to find it through self healing and via many spiritual books that gave clues but never the transmission I was after. You see deep inside of me I always felt this light that wanted to burst and shine through me, but I was so cluttered with limited beliefs and lower emotions that my beauty remained caged within. I desperately wanted it to radiate out so I could feel alive, vibrant and connected to all of life.
My child hood was the complete opposite to the beauty that existed within me. I come from a family where my parents divorced and remarried different people numerous times.  I went to 13 different schools and had 8 different family scenarios where I would be living with different stepparents and step siblings every couple of years. I moved house every 6 months and by the times I was a teenager I ended up with severe anxiety and an eating disorder which left me spiralling into self hatred. But that light within still shined under all my chaos and it willed me to keep moving forward. 
So I packed my bags….Bought a one way ticket and left Australia for England, and decided to renew my life.
But since I was taught to believe in fairy tales, I began to believe less in my my own abilities and more in the illusion that the only way my light could be freed was through finding Prince Charming. So through a myriad of relationships I searched to be completed and loved into wholeness. Except all I seemed to attract was people who were exactly like my family, which left me feeling more heartbroken than I already was.
So I took my self on a journey to transform my life and all those around me as well – I become a Master Theta Healing Practitioner and Teacher, and as I helped other’s I also helped myself. Over 10,000 people have either been students and clients, the majority of them women. Each woman that I helped also had eating disorders, body image issues, self esteem issues, heart break, an inability to attract and maintain healthy relationships, spiritual confusion, female health problems and the inability generate abundance because there was a lack of self belief.
It was my Grandmother’s 80th birthday that called me back home to Australia…..
While I was there, the rainforest I grew up in also called me to visit.The Daintree is a prehistoric forest, with not electricity and little inhabitants.  Nature has run wild and free for a millennia.
As soon as I entered into the rainforest my sexual energy also began to run wild and free. It darted around my body, creating blissful explosions like shooting stars shinning.  Every cell in my body smiled with delight –  my beauty was being electrified by my sexual energy and it felt soooo good.
The energy of the earth beneath my feet began to pulse through my body, waves and waves of strong nourishing energy moved through my legs and into my my womb space. The Earth energy ignited my sexual energy and pushed it up into my heart.  My heart burst open with love and rushes of ecstatic joy rippled through my body.
This was the love I had always wanted to feel, and it came from me….not someone else.  As my sexual energy streamed though my breasts, my arms, my lips, my face and shined into my aura.  My inner beauty was guided to the surface of my skin and I began to glow radiantly. Inside out, I felt divine.
Then my sexual energy burst out of my crown, and I felt the love within me finally had the fuel to travel to connect to every star in the sky. As the ecstatic waves of love passed through my body to connect to the universe, I became magical.
Finally I was one with everything, this was the enlightenment I had longed for. Streams of starlight information poured into my body, and I become coded with new awareness.
My intuition and psychic senses activated and I could feel healing energy pouring from my hands.   Love poured from my body to bless life, and life blessed me with the beautiful vibrations of love in return.
Life itself made love to me. In this exchange I orgasmed with the universe for hours, days, and weeks……..
My mind changed, my heart changed, my body changed, my life changed. I had experienced a sensual enlightenment. Two weeks later I became pregnant to a beautiful baby girl…… and the journey into honouring the female body as a sacred temple began.
Becoming a mother made me realise how magical we are as woman….we create from the nothingness.
Becoming a mother to a daughter made me realise that I have to show her a path that my mother did not.
The path I will share with her, is the path I will share with you.
Let me show you the way….

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