Are You An Immature Woman Or An Evolved Woman?

Every woman must take herself on a journey to heal her distorted perceptions that keep her locked in a world which is unfair, disappointing filled with heartbreak and a lack of abundance. This is the phase of the immature woman.  Every woman has been in this place, including me.  Some of have been stuck unable to break the cycle and for other’s they feel empowered and evolved one day and then deflated the next.
Here is a checklist to see if you operating as an immature woman?
On a scale of 1-10 (one being never and 10 being always)
1. Do you seek validation from others?
2. Do you fear being abandoned by your partner? Or have a sense of loneliness or abandonment often?
3. Do you get jealous or compare yourself to other woman? Do wish you had their looks, their job, shoes, bag, clothes or husband?
4. Feel unlovable or have you been single for a long time?
5. Do you feel like you have weak boundaries, have issues saying no or go into victim identity when you know you should be confronting a situation?
6. Do you disassociate from your body when you need to be in your power?
7. Do you find yourself unintentionally gossiping or backstabbing to make friends?
8. Do you find that the only way to get power is to either manipulate or seduce?
9. Do you get anxious about making the right decisions even though you know what you should do?
10. Do you feel guilty for being in your power? Or do guilt trips to get power?
The reasons why a woman operates in an immature way are numerous. Perhaps you had a mother that did not teach you how to be in your power. Maybe you were teased at school and learnt to be ashamed of yourself. Perhaps you have been in a relationship that diminished your sense of self or left you confused about how to be in your power.  The immature woman energy can also be caused by shyness where you shrink your sense of self to fit in.  Or maybe you just feel you are too dominate, too wild, too filled with anger or there is a part of your that just likes to create fights  and drama for petty reasons. Perhaps it’s because you don’t know any other way but to be powerless. All of these issues are not your fault, they have been handed down to you from generation to generation by woman that were not allowed to be in their power.
But all of this can change, imagine who would be and what you could create if:
1. You were allowed to experience more abundance, more joy, more pleasure, more beauty, more luxury?
2. If you had the confidence to generate your own income?
3. Where you could shine your unique beauty into the world without giving a damn about what other’s thought of you?
4. If you felt empowered to speak up and have the confidence to be assertive?
5. You had unwavering boundaries, a no that meant no, and the patience to help people understand how you should be respected?
6. What if you could be empathetic and tender and at the same time be filled wisdom and strength?
7. What if you could be boundless and wild? And feel so free and vibrant that you could follow your heart’s desires with ease and grace?
8. Or be empowered by your sexual energy so that you could rejuvenate your body and heal your partner to become more empowered as well?
9. Or felt so in alignment with your soul and soul purpose that the universe supported you and reflected your brilliance back through miracles and syncronicities?
10. What if the universe made love to you and you could feel the aliveness of ecstatic joy every moment of every day?
Who would you be if you lived as an evolved woman?
What would you create?
How would you feel?
What kind of clothes would you wear?
What type of relationships would you atract?
The path of the evolved woman begins as soon as you claim your sexual energy as a sacred force .  Your sexual energy when it is repressed keeps you locked in the immature woman paradigm but when it is allowed to exist it is full of power, and will help to evolve you.  This is because your sexual energy when cultivated to move up the body, will unlock your confidence and your intuition.  It will make you feel empowered and it will show you that are you are already filled with love. It will give you presence, magnetism, and it will help you to manifest with greater ease because your sexual energy is a creative force. All of this is the normal state for the evolved woman.
Would you like cultivate your sexual energy?
Heal your sexual story so that it can be freed to support you?
And use your sexual energy to become an evolved woman?
If that’s a yes, then let me take you on a journey that will change the way you relate to you body and to life forever.  Be prepared for your feminine soul to be deeply nourished so that you can truly become an evolved woman.

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