A Free Gift – Sensual Body Yoga

You are receiving this email because you enrolled the Sensual Enlightenment Webinar. I really hope you are enjoying the journey so far.  The female body you live in is exquisite in design…..and so magical.
Women are incredible creatures. We are gifted with healing abilities, are naturally intuitive, highly sensual and have been designed to create. Women today are returning back to their very powerful truth, they are learning to stand in the core of their female essence. This journey begins with awakening your body and ends with you learning to create abundance and love in your life.
Today, I have a little gift to help you with this…….
My Sensual Body Yoga guided meditation will help you reconnect to your female body temple like never before. I discovered it while in the bath.  It was about one month after I had given birth to my daughter and I felt drained, exhausted and completely  disconnected from my sensuality. Through intention I learnt to awaken my body until it felt magically beautiful again!!
It’s my gift to you, to enjoy whenever you feel you need to reconnect to your inner self, or need a boost or would like to feel sensual alive again!! And…it’s also a good meditation to do before you go on a date so that your skin glows.
Just click on the image below and you will be take straight to it!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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